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Jeannette Huber, CPRP

Jeannette Huber, CPRP – Director of Parks and Recreation


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Greg Hooper, CPRP

Greg Hooper, CPRP – Superintendent of Recreation


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Cathy Krydynski, Business Manager

Cathy Krydynski – Business Manager

My career with the Alsip Park District began in November 1996 as a part time bookkeeper. In November 2013, I took on the role of Business Manager. As a resident of Alsip since 1983, my family of 3 children has been active with the park for over 30 years. My husband and I now spend our time traveling and enjoying our 5 granddaughters.

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Daren McLaughlin, Superintendent of Parks

Daren McLaughlin – Superintendent of Parks

Born and raised in Alsip. Daren likes Chocolate.

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Dale Durnin, Park Forman

Dale Durnin – Park Forman


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James Parrott, Park Laborer

James Parrott – Park Laborer


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Mike DeChene, CPSI - Park Laborer

Mike DeChene – CPSI Park Laborer


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Richard Gottardo, Fountain Hills G. C. Manager

Richard Gottardo – Fountain Hills G. C. Manager


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Danielle Peso Companio, Food & Beverage Manager

Danielle Peso Companio – Food & Beverage Manager


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Leslie Guerrera, A.C.E., CPO Aquatic/Fitness Supervisor

Leslie Guerrera, A.C.E., CPO – Aquatic/Fitness Supervisor


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William Misiewicz, Athletic Supervisor

William Misiewicz – Athletic Supervisor

Will has been working with us since August of 2012. He is in charge of all of our Youth and Adult Athletic Programs here at the Alsip Park District. Will attended Illinois State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation Management in the Summer of 2012. When he is not out at the fields or working on his programs Will enjoys playing Hockey

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Laurie Nissen, Recreation Supervisor

Laurie Nissen – Recreation Supervisor

I am pleased to say that I have been part of the Alsip Park District since March, 1997. I began as the Preschool Coordinator/Teacher. My two sons attended the Preschool here, and it was surreal to be on the “other side” once being a parent and now the teacher. It did help me understand and know what parents were expecting. In 2002 I took on the position as Recreation Supervisor. I take pride in offering programs that make the Alsip Park District a great place for the residents of Alsip and non-residents to come and enjoy

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Denise Michalski, CPP Recreation Supervisor

Denise Michalski, CPP – Recreation Supervisor

Denise has worked for the district for the past 16 years. She a resident of Alsip and began her career as a member of the full-time office support staff in 2001 and was promoted to Recreation Supervisor in charge of Special Events and Adult Programming in 2011. Her interest include her family, music, the arts and cheering for most of the sports teams in Chicago.

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Donna Smith, Office Manager

Donna Smith – Office Manager


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Apollo Rec Center - Main Office

Main Office – General E-Mail


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Brian McLaughlin, CPRP, CPP - Public Information Manager

Brian McLaughlin, CPRP, CPP – Public Information Manager

Brian attended Elmhurst College and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education. Brian started working part-time for the district in June 1981, as a youth athletic instructor. He was hired full-time in July of 1982 as the Athletic Supervisor. Brian has also served the district as the Superintendent of Recreation and Superintendent of Athletics. He is currently the Public Information Manager and Risk Management Manager. Brain was raised and still lives in Alsip. Brian is also a Board Member for the Alsip-Hazelgreen-Oak Lawn School District 126.

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