Inclusion Statement

Disability Services / ADA


The Alsip Park District adheres and follows the guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was enacted into law in 1990. For more information about the ADA, click here. For more information about specific inclusion services the Park District provides, please contact the Alsip Park District at (708) 389-1003.

Inclusion Statement

The Alsip Park District will not discriminate against any eligible participant on the basis of a disabling condition. We invite any participant with a special need to notify our Main Office staff upon registration so that a smooth inclusion may occur.

The Alsip Park District has a co-operative agreement with the South West Special Recreation Association (SWSRA) to provide recreation choices for people with disabilities.

Some people with disabilities prefer to have recreation opportunities in traditional recreation programs with people who do not have disabilities. To meet this need, the South West Special Recreation Association (SWSRA), provides training, support staff and assistance to partner park districts and local recreation departments so inclusive recreation can be enjoyed by all!

SWSRA offers a wide variety of programs, sports (including participation in Special Olympics Illinois), special events, trips and summer camps.

The Inclusion Process

SWSRA and its member districts believe that all individuals should be provided with leisure opportunities that allow for performance at their highest level of ability. Although many people achieve this through participation in a SWSRA program, others may have greater success in a park district activity. SWSRA and its member districts work together to assess what accommodations may be provided when an individual with a disability registers for a park district program. These accommodations could include observations, additional training for park district staff, adaptive materials and equipment, or aide assistance in the program.

Requesting Special Accommodations

The request for inclusion services should be made at the time of registration with the park district. The parent/guardian must verify that the participant meets minimum eligibility requirements of the program (i.e., age, level of participation, registration) when registering for desired program. Please indicate on the registration form that accommodations are needed. Though not required, families are encouraged to contact a member of the SWSRA inclusion team to inform them of the need for support so advanced coordination of services can begin.