Fountain Hills Golf Club – Behavior Code of Conduct

Hospitality • Civility • Respect

The Alsip Park District is committed to providing an atmosphere of hospitality, civility and respect. We dedicate ourselves to the safety and well being of both staff and participants/patrons. All participants/patrons are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times.

The following guidelines have been developed to help make our programs safe and enjoyable for all participants. Additional rules may be developed for specific programs as deemed necessary by staff.

You must be respectful to all participants/patrons, staff, and volunteers. Participants should follow program rules and take direction from staff.

If a person is:

  1. Ignoring directions and/or requests from staff
  2. Using vulgarity
  3. Making remarks of a personally destructive nature towards any other person (employee, volunteer or participant/patron)
  4. Restricting or preventing someone of free movement

If any one’s actions are:

  1. Of a physical, spoken or written act of abuse
  2. Of a violent nature
  3. Considered harassment
  4. Considered intimidation
  5. Considered extortion

Immediate disciplinary action may be taken regardless if the act is deliberate, intentional or unintentional.