Dog Classes with Black Dog Canine


Black Dog K9 is dedicated to keep all dogs in loving homes through education and training of both dogs and their owners.  We believe that dogs have a natural place in society and that, as our companions, have the right to be part of the human pack.  Black Dog believes that, as people,  we have an obligation to our animals and that we should preserve and nourish the human/animal bond.  This class teachers the basic behaviors dogs need to know to live with us; such as watch, sitting on command, lie down, respond to their names, settle down, stay come when called, walking nicely on leash, leave it and take it, the three D’s: distance, duration, and distraction and how they affect training.  Black Dog will also help with some common problems such as jumping, nipping, need for a soft moth and others.  Registration and payment will be taken on the first night of class but in order to reserve your space, please call Black Dog Canine at 708.305.1322.