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South West Special Recreation Association (SWSRA)

Main Office 
12521 S. Kostner Ave. • Alsip, IL 60803
Tel. 708-389-9423 • Fax 708-389-6458  
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm  

Board of Directors
Jeannette Huber Alsip Park District
Jane Kawanna Blue Island Park District
Joe Vallez (Interim Director Justice Park District
Brenda Dziallo Village of Merrionette Park
Evelyn Gleason Midlothian Park District
Mike Leonard Palos Heights Recreation Department
Ryne Kman Posen Park District
Tom Suhs Summit Park District
Carlo Capalbo Worth Park District
SWSRA Administrative Staff
Justin Waters Marketing Coordinator
Rae Woodard Office Clerk
Tammi Clemens Office Clerk
Stephanie Silunas Recreation Supervisor
Erin Lynch, CTRS Superintendent
Dawn Kehoe Business Manager
Lori Chesna, CPRP Executive Director

Alsip Park District has a co-operative agreement with South West Special Recreation Association (SWSRA) to provide recreation choices for people with disabilities.


SWSRA is a special recreation co-operative comprised of the following communities: Alsip, Blue Island, Justice, Merrionette Park, Midlothian, Palos Heights, Posen, Summit and Worth. SWSRA was formed in 1981 to provide year-round quality recreation programs and services for individuals with disabilities or special needs. SWSRA programs are designed to increase independence and enhance the quality of life for each individual.

SWSRA is now in its 42nd year of providing recreation for special populations in the south suburban area. A wide variety of programs are available for individuals from early childhood through adulthood. The programs are designed to meet the individual recreation needs of any person who is in special education classes, participates in a sheltered workshop, is referred to SWSRA from a local hospital or rehabilitation center, or who's special needs restrict or prohibit their participation in traditional park district setting. This would include individuals who have varying degrees of physical or mental disabilities, learning disabilities, behavior disorders, attention deficit disorders, hearing or visual impairments.

We Offer...
SWSRA offers a wide variety of programs, sports (including participation in Special Olympics Illinois), special events, trips and summer camps. Participants of SWSRA not only have fun, but also make friends, increase physical activity, enjoy new experiences and refine their social and life skills.

Some people with disabilities prefer to have recreation opportunities in traditional recreation programs with people who do not have disabilities. To meet this need, SWSRA provides training, support staff and assistance to partner park districts and local recreation departments so inclusive recreation can be enjoyed by all!



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